Local Riding and Weather

Local Riding:

While attending the 55th Running International 500 Snowmobile Endurance Race, snowmobilers can experience riding that’s as good as it gets anywhere in Michigan!  #SooI500 fans from all over always make Sault Ste. Marie their snowmobile destination, as it easy to plan family winter vacations around the I-500 Race Week, and there is so much to see and do when snowmobiling around town.

All the trail systems in Sault Ste. Marie are maintained on a regular schedule to ensure excellent riding conditions, and “COME ON UP!”  is a message known by snowmobilers as an “open arms” welcome! For riders of all levels, Sault Sainte Marie offers the best snowmobiling on the best-groomed trails that the state has to offer.

Even when leaving the immediate area of Sault Ste. Marie, riders can also find outstanding snowmobiling day trips in some truly beautiful and scenic country. Sledders can hit the trails right from their hotels and experience riding under I-75 through the SOO Tunnel; entering into trail systems in both the west and south. Along the way, you’ll find restaurants and gas stations to refuel, and of course, some snowmobiling memories that will last a lifetime.

Take some time to review some of the best trail maps and day trip ideas from the resources below. Whether tearing it up in Sault Sainte Marie, or cruising to the surrounding reaches of the local map, you’ll find that one snowmobile adventure always leads to another!