I-500 Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board & Official Spokesperson

Ric Federau: [email protected]
Chairman of the Board: National-Regional Sponsorships / Public Relations, Promotions & Marketing


Dave Thomas: [email protected]
Co-Committee Chair: Treasurer / Local Sponsorships / Vendor Committee

Tom Brown: [email protected]
Co-Committee Chair: Food Services Committee

Buildings & Grounds

Levi Kemp: [email protected]

Tim Leigh: [email protected]

John Babcock: [email protected]


Office & Apparel

Carri Bradley: [email protected] 



Security, IT & Volunteer Coordinator

Wes Jourden: [email protected]


If you would like to be a part of the 53rd annual I-500:

Please complete an application here

Board Meetings

The I-500 project directors meetings are normally hosted the third Thursday of each month,  March through November. 

Due to local and state gathering restrictions, all meetings have been moved to Zoom. If you would like to be part of our Zoom meetings please contact Security Director Wes Jourden.

Commencing in December of each year, the directors host meetings bi-weekly.  Commencing in January each year, the I-500 directors meetings are hosted every week on Thursday evenings.

I-500 Board of directors meetings commence at 7:00p.m., unless otherwise specified.
The public is invited to attend.

All information is subject to change as needed.  Advance announcements regarding meeting changes will be published.


I-500 Race Support

Bill Cryderman – I-500 Race Committee Director
[email protected]

Dan Buhro – Race Control
[email protected]

Amanda Kemp – I-500 Charity Pageant Director
[email protected]

Bill Atkinson – Parking and Camping/Soo Salmon Derby
[email protected]

Matt Prieur – Voice of the International 500 Snowmobile Race / Director of Communications
[email protected]