Five-Year-Old Jase Young Wins Mini-5 Kids Snowmobile Race

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For about a decade, the Mini-5 Kids Snowmobile Races have taken place at the I-500 grounds parking lot.

The 1/10 mile oval track gives the young racers a chance to test their skills with others their age.

Sunday afternoon, the Walsh Service Solutions Mini-5 Kids Snowmobile Races were held with eight participants.

The lack of snow cover meant volunteers had to build the track by hauling snow in.

Five-year-old Jase Young took first place narrowly beating 9-year-old Maryn Gendron. Six-year-old Sawyer DesChamps finished third.

Jase’s father, Larry, said that this was his second race.  He believes in about 15 years he will be racing on the big oval track in the I-500 Snowmobile Endurance Race.

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the son of International 500 Snowmobile Race Competitor and former multi-time Kinross Raceway Park Track Champion, Larry Young Jr. according to Matt Prieur, the “Voice of the I-500”.