On behalf of the I-500 Project, Inc. Board of Directors

Speaking on behalf of the I-500 Project, Inc. Board of Directors, I wish to thank Phil Burton, Brendin & Bill Cryderman, Jim Talentino and Dave Thomas for their efforts to come out on a Sunday afternoon to work on certain items at the I-500 Venue.

It’s this type of volunteer commitment which makes the I-500 so special. Giving up a Sunday afternoon to help work at the track is appreciated and a solid display of personal commitment and integrity on your behalf. This type of effort is so important to the event overall and hopefully your obvious example of commitment to the project will spread to others and we see by example, our volunteer staff continuing to grow.

Volunteering to help make the I-500 successful through personal and commercial efforts, benefits the SOO community, Eastern U.P. Region and sport of oval ice racing. Volunteers are vital for hosting this unique, world class event. Therefore, there’s no end to needing more volunteers for any major event such as the I-500.

Again, “Special Thanks” to these individuals for their time and personal efforts to help out on a Sunday!

I-500 Board of Directors
(Ric Federau – I-500 Chairman.)