Annual Meeting Announced

Monday, March 29, 2021

Greeting I-500 Project Inc Members,

Over the last 13 Months COVID-19 has majorly affected all of our lives not only by us not able to have this year’s past race, but we are also effected by we were not able to hold a worker’s party following the 2020 Race. As you may know, last year COVID-19 rules and restrictions all began in March 2020 because of those rules and restrictions we were unable to hold our 2020 Annual Meeting, so this year’s annual meeting will be for both 2020 & 2021. Never in our history have we ever had to hold two annual meetings at the same time. Also this year, it will be our first in-person and virtual meeting held together as one meeting, with this brings new challenges for us to overcome.  

A lot of our normal procedures that we have done for 50+ years had to be modified to accommodate for the virtual meeting process. One of the biggest changes you are going to see is, in previous years we would hold our monthly board of directors meeting followed by the annual meeting directly afterwards. We will not be doing that this year, this year the annual meeting will take our entire time block of 7pm to 10pm just to hold the annual meeting. The purpose of this email is to notify you of the scheduled annual meeting and prepare you for the new procedures that we have developed so that all participants in the meeting no matter if they are in-person or connected virtually get the same experience and have the same options.

Why Choice of Venue?

Quite a few members have asked why is the in-person meeting being held at the EDC? The answer is simple; it is because that is the only facility available to us that is equipped with video conferencing equipment for us to do a combination In-Person/Remote meeting.

Meeting is being recorded by Video & Sound

You need to be aware that our meetings are now recorded by video and sound. The Smart Zone Conference room is equipped with multiple cameras and microphones, small side conversations during the meeting cannot happen as they have in the past. Public comments sections are offered in the beginning and end of our meeting if you have any comments or questions to address you will be allowed to do it then. A copy of the meeting agenda is also attached to this email.

Voting for Bylaws

Voting for Bylaws will involve each bylaw change to be displayed on the screens one at a time and read out loud. Then voted on using the Zoom Polling system for those who are connected remotely and by a printed ballot for those in attendance in person. A copy of the bylaws with the proposed changes has been included in the attachments of this email for you to review. Many of these changes are to bring us in line with doing remote or virtual meetings as it is common now.

Board of Directors Election

This year there are six board of director positions up for election. Three of which are terms that expired in 2020 and three of which are terms that expire in 2021. We are planning to do a single election with the top six candidates with the most votes received being elected. The top 3 candidates with the most votes received will get the 3 year board term (2021-2024) and the next 3 with the most votes received will get the 2 year board term (2021-2023)

Voting In-Person will be done by printed ballot, Voting for those who are connected remotely will be done via the zoom polling system. Once voting has closed, we will be taking a short recess of the meeting so that official results can be tabulated. We do plan to post final results for all candidates; candidates for this year are the following:

Tom Brown (incumbent)Wes Jourden (incumbent)Ric Federau (incumbent)
Dave Thomas (incumbent)Carri Bradley (incumbent)Lou Madonna
Ryan KostanowiczCaroline KohnJennifer Beaupry
Terry Joss  

Non-Members in Attendance

Any person who is not a registered member with the I-500 Project Inc for this voting year and is in attendance for the meeting remotely will be placed in the Zoom waiting room while all voting is taking place; they will be allowed back into the zoom room once all voting has closed. Please do not bring any non-members with you to the in-person meeting as we do not have space for them. If they want to attend, It is suggested they connect remotely.

Annual Meeting Announcement

The Annual Meeting for the I-500 Project Inc. will be held on Thursday April 15th, 2021 at 7pm with two options for attendance. Remote and In-Person, Please know that we are limited to a maximum of 20 people who are permitted to be in-person attendance, so if you can connect remotely please do so.

Face Coverings are recommended for all in-person attendees.

Technical Assistance

If anyone is in need of technical assistance to connect remotely, please contact Wes Jourden our IT Director at least a few days prior to the annual meeting for assistance. I can be reached via phone at (906) 458-1748 or by replying to this email notification.