I-500 Board of Directors

Chairman & Official Spokesperson

Ric Federau: safetytecric@gmail.com
Committee Chair: Regional Sponsorships / Public Relations, Promotions & Marketing

Co-Chairman & Treasurer

Dave Thomas: dthomas.legends@sbcglobal.net
Committee Chair: Local Sponsorships / Vendor Committee


Building & Grounds

Levi Kemp: levi.kemp141@gmail.com

Tim Leigh: timleigh23@hotmail.com

Ed Caster: elcasterconstruction@gmail.com

Tom Brown: tbrown1759@gmail.com


Dan Buhro: uscbpdan@gmail.com

Wes Jourdan: vicera@gmail.com


If you would like to be a part of the 50th Anniversary of the I-500:

Dougald Beaudoin – Volunteer Coordinator: dougald@gmail.com

Board Meetings

The I-500 project directors meetings are normally hosted the third Thursday of each month,  March through November.  In an attempt to bring local commercial business owners closer to the event, the I-500 board of directors will be holding monthly meetings at various locations.   Commencing December of each year, the directors host meetings bi-weekly.  Commencing in January each year, the I-500 directors meetings are hosted every week on Thursday evenings.

I-500 Board of directors meetings commence at 7:00p.m., unless otherwise specified.
The public is invited to attend.

All information is subject to change as needed.  Advance announcements regarding meeting changes will be published.

I-500 Race Support

Bill Cryderman – I-500 Race Committee Director

Amanda Kemp – I-500 Charity Pageant Director

Bill Atkinson – Parking and Camping/Soo Salmon Derby

Matt Prieur – Voice of the International 500 Snowmobile Race